Android Dev Camp Bangalore 2012

If you go to

you can see that

Possibly India’s biggest Android Hackathon

is happening RIGHT NOW! Seriously, people hanging  camping out at one of the coolest campuses in Bangalore [IIIT-B],forming teams, writing code,coming up with ideas for Android applications, and seeing the ideas through to the implementation!!

Aren’t you excited yet??!

Bangalore Android User Group ( @BLRdroid) is organizing and conducting the Bangalore chapter of this Global Android Dev Camp-2012 .

 The above said HACKATHON is happening SIMULTANEOUSLY across 4 cities in India and 27 places in total across the WORLD.

P.S-[ i’m here today and witnessing late starters kick their beds to the curb and flex their fingers. As soon as the hackathon starts,will post some pics and,if possible, vids.Stay tuned!]

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Startup Weekend Bangalore- Finale

The Bengaluru edition has been done and dusted on sunday. Even as the folks gear up for the Mumbai event (Trust me! There’s loads there to provide the ego boost and fun!) , let’s take a look at the mindbowing Finale that rolled at Microsoft Vigyan this past sunday!


3) Team “Shastra” –The way Jagat presented,let me tell you i thought they were gonna be the winners of the event! – but, they came in third – well no harm,no foul right? I got really,really big hopes for this team. Find them on twitter @shastra. There’s a FB page as well-

2)Team “Sharewell” – Satish and team deserve the win as much as the concept itself. I have to admit i liked Satish’ 2nd pitch “Where’s my child?” more than this but he tells he’ll be working on both of em! Go Get ’em guys! Their twitter is @Sharewell. FB:

 1)Team “Mistakopedia”- The underdogs,The Surprisers (if there’s a word like that) . Find them on twitter @mistakopedia. FB page:


The detailed link for the winners:


I expected “ZipArt India” , “ZunZun” and “Life On A Roll” to make the cut but i suppose there are were bigger flaws  in their plans than those met the eye. But i really hope they work it out and make it huge!


The “Election Edge” guys’ pitch was the best!! It could turn out to be a huge game changer for election campaigning if pursued.


TO all the winners and the teams formed: All the best and good luck in figuring out the practical PoA and implementation! 🙂



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Startup Weekend – Day 0 in summary

When abundant ideas meet at one single place- what do you get? the manifestation of your startup in head!

The evening of 20th January has set the ball rolling for a few,or maybe more, extraordinarily implemented brainwaves.

I had the privilege to witness the gathering of people belonging to a wide spectrum of talent pitching their ideas to get started to satisfy their creative and professional needs.

So,we started off with keynote speeches from two eminent entrepreneurs and corporate leaders in their own rights- Vij Rajarajan from Microsoft and Sanjay Swamy,co-founder of Angel Prime investors and founder of mChek.

  Vij spoke about his experience in Microsoft and their targets for the next few years,some of the strategies of Microsoft etc.

 I particularly enjoyed Sanjay Swamy’s keynote: The takeaways from his keynote

1.) When starting up,collaborate with people have a common vision but complimentary skills

2.) Always,always validate your ideas before implementing and never underestimate women’s perspectives (but never partner with your wife! what can i say?The guy’s a pro! :D)

3.)Don’t hang around for too long. Just Do It.

The keynotes were followed by two rounds of Pitching sessions where the attendees threw their ideas into the air to lure the like-minded people.The ideas ranged from Online trial room to simplify shopping to Reverse marketing to delivering designer lunchdabbas to starting an online social university.And these are only a few that i’ve mentioned here.

The ideas that particularly struck me in the 2nd round of pitches were RemoteDesk -to provide all the online tools to companies to brainstorm and ideate online, Where’s my Child? (to provide help find missing children and women due to abduction using database creation and management) and Give Me Blood .

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StartUp Weekend


Ever wanted to put an idea in your head into quick action?

The 2nd edition of StartUp Weekend Bangalore let’s you do just that! Walk in with your StartUp idea and 52 hours later – Viola! you have a start-up in your hands to nurture!

StartUp Weekend is an event where you’ll bump into 100s of independent entrepreneurs,share ideas,form teams,learn a lot and by the end of the 52-hour marathon, you would have launched a start-up! The Bangalore edition returns for the 2nd time. There will be an elite panel of speakers and judges to help the progress.

For the first time ever, Microsoft  and Google are coming together to hold what’s called SW BootCamp: More details here:



Want to know more? Read On…

Practical information
Date: 18:00 Friday January 20th– 20:00 Sunday January 22th 2012
Venue: Microsoft,Lavelle Road, Bangalore
Event Details :
Agenda :
Event hours: Friday 18:00 to 24:00
Saturday 08:30 to 24:00
Sunday 08:30 to 21:00
(come by anytime)

Registration: or–january-2012

Previous Bangalore Event:
First edition of Startup Weekend was held in March 2011.15 teams were formed out of 105 participants. Many teams went on to start their own companies.List of teams can be found here :

Past companies
Here is a snapshot of some companies that have come out of various Startup Weekends
around the globe:


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